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  • Tracking your revenue share as a partner
  • How payments are made 


Tracking your revenue share as a partner

As a inONE Partner, you have the ability to track who your clients are, the total revenue in a particular pay period generated by those clients, and the total revenue to date from those clients. You receive a Partner account and here your revenu share will be on the "commissions tab" Here you can find your total Quarterly Revenu of your clients include- en excluded VAT. 

When the deal is made with your client and de invoice is send and collected,  you will earn Qurtely recurring revenue share for each invoiced clients according inONE product plan.

  • The fee applies for all inONE products
  • The fee is calculated on the net quarterly turnover,
  • The compensation is paid 1 month after each fiscal quarter,
  • The fee is calculated on the actual invoiced and received turnover in the quarter.
  • The sales achieved becomes clear in Salesforce.

You'll be paid every quarter for as long as your client remains on inONE, and as long as you remain active in the inONE Partner Ecosystem. To remain active, complete one of the following activities within the 12-month period following your referral:

  • Upgrade an existing inONE Suppliers
  • <<< VERDER uitwerken

If you aren't active within the ecosystem for over a year, then all previous revenue share payments will reset to zero.



How payments are made 

A partner can send his invoices to to following email adres vdvdg.21632@mailvdvdg.nl

Make sure that you enter the following information on your invoice

Lekstraat 88e 
Partner salesforce: name

And don't worry: the total amount of revenue you collect and the number of clients you collect from are not limited. The way we see it, if you're earning, then we're earning.

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