Working on customer happiness

Customer happiness

Customer succes is all about the happiness off the clients an therefore a partner always need to operare proactive.
The goal for the Partner expert is, that the customer uses inONE regular and gets the most out of the inONE products and modules for the clients business, for an endless life cycle of the customer. 

Here the Partner expert investigates and is up to date about: the usages, the state of content, features, modules and how customers work with inONE. The Partner continuously determine quality/state of the customer satisfaction. 

  • The Partner expert is the first bridge / point of contact of the customer for commercial and practical issues.
  • The Partner expert continuously has knowledge and problems at the customer
  • The Partner expert has the task of informing existing customers about new features and developments. This is done in collaboration with marketing and support department inONE.

Check ins:

  • The Partner expert has at least twice a year telephone contact to examine the customer happiness.
  • The Partner expert visit the client on location at a minimum of once year for a face to face meeting/training.
  • The Partner expert provides once a year training on location 
  • A month before the invoice is send or the contract renewal is upcoming you checkin with the client.
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