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  • Lead and Marketing Qualified leads (Awareness)
  • Sales Accepted Lead 
  • Sales Qualified Lead (Consideration)
  • Opportunities (Decisions and Closing the Deal)
    • Initial communication stage
    • Discovery stage
    • Evaluation stage
    • Scope
    • Recording information 



Lead and Marketing Qualified leads (Awareness)

In the top of the sales funnel our marketing efforts are focused on creating online awareness among prospects. This inbound marketing strategy involves the creation and sharing of online material "content" for prospect and clients (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in our products. A prospect is a marketing qualified lead (MQL) when out marketing team graded the prospect as a good fit for our products. From here our efforts is to create more intrest bij the prospect. The Partner Expert can add a lot off value to our marketing, by contribute expertise and knowledge.



  • co-writing articles / content for marketing
  • Building relationships with sector associations, guilds and relevant collaborations
  • Participate at events


Sales Accepted Lead 

A Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) is a lead that has shown interest in our product and the Partner expert can follow up. These are contacts that are identified by the Partner expert or the inONE team as potential buyers. The Partner expert will contact the prospect and qualify the lead by investigating whether problems or challenges can be defined.

The Partner expert will always first register the lead in salesforce, which will then be approved by inONE Growth team and assigned to the Partner expert. If the lead does not already exist in salesforce or the lead exists but there is no other partner actively involved in the Sales Qualified Lead, the lead is always assigned to the Partner expert. This is to prevent multiple Partners working on the same lead. Accepted leads are registered for 90 Days.


  • Make contact with prospects by mail, telephone from your own network.
  • Qualify Leads on BANT ( Budget, Authority, Need and Timing)

When a lead is Qualified the lead will be converted to an opportunity


Sales Qualified Lead (Consideration)

A Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is a lead that has shown (deep) interest in our product and the Partner expert can follow up. This leads are prospects that who want an appointment and are considering working with inONE.  At this stage we convert the lead to an Opportunities


Opportunities (Decisions and Closing the Deal)

The opportunity is divided into a number of stages and is briefly described below.

Initial communication stage

The Partner tries to brings the first value here to string the " why question " clearly. During this stage, the partner talks to the prospect, with the main aim to investigate whether the prospect sees his problems and wants to investigate whether he can solve them with inONE. As soon as the customer signals that he wants to continue investigating and wants to meet, the prospect enters the Discovery stage. It is essential that a clear "need, time frame, the decision maker, and budget  " has been indentified in this stage. The "BANT" approach.

Discovery stage

In the Discovery Stage, the partner will have a meeting(s) with the prospect and the main goal is the to map out and discover; problems, objections, the organization workflow, the organization proces and wishes.  In this stage the prospect should get a clear understanding about the inONE product and service, and is a solution/ fit in their needs and proceses etc. 

Evaluation stage

The customer is making a decision on which supplier to work with. And the values that inONE brings is being communicated to the prospect and stakeholders.

A formal pricelist have been given. But it may simply be that indicative pricing or costs estimates have been supplied.


Proposal/Quote stage

When the propect what to A proposal or quote is made 



in de Evaluation stage worden alle bevindingen samengevoegd in een “Discovery summary” document die aan de klant wordt aangeboden. In dit document wordt de organisatie  commercieel beschreven, hoe de wensen van de klant eruitzien en hoe wij onze oplossingen hier op projecteren. Dit document is met name relevant bij groepen. Als de prospect de inhoud van het  document bevestigd en begrijpt kan er een Quote opgesteld worden.

Contract Redbook SignApp

Wanneer de prospect akkoord geeft op de quote, kan de klant het incassocontract tezamen met het voorstel via de Redbook SignApp in Sales Force onderteken.

De Customer Success Manager bij inONE wordt in deze fase ook betrokken in het proces.  Onboarding Customer

  • Partner expert verzorgt zelf de trainingen (die hij mee verkocht heeft),
  • Partner expert zorgt dat alle communicatie wordt verricht met inONE HQ en Customer Support Manager voor inrichting en opstart van customer/account,
  • Partner expert zorgt er voor dat hij of een consultant de kick off training verzorgt en zo nodig follow up meetings. De consultancy uren worden zelf door de partner ingeschat en verkocht. De facturatie en betaling loopt niet via inONE.
  • inONE zal de technische onboarding verzorgen.


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