Translating inONE applications


  • First of al you will need a username and password given by inONE. Attention since you are translating in the development platform of inONE the given username and password will NOT be the same as your production username and password. 
  • Please go to: http://demobox.nl/Elements_Design.nsf/start
  • Enter your username and password and the following screen will be shown:

  • When ever you want to return to the start screen, press in the inONE logo (1)
  • If you want to review all language keys or if you want to search for a specific key click in "All language keys" (2)
  • If development department of inONE makes any changes on any language key, it will be marked as "To be Updated" and thus will it be shown in the subsequent language overview(3).
  • Click on the language you wish to translate (3) and all "To be reviewed" language keys will be shown.
  • Click on a language key you wish to review or translate:

  • An English description will be shown (1)
  • You can enter or change the Description at part (2).
  • Pres "Save and Close Update" and the language key will be saved and disappear out of your language translation view!

Keep in mind!

  • All your changes are being saved on the development platform of inONE. You can only see your changes online (in our production platform), as soon as inONE updates the language files into the production platform, If you did a lot of changes and you want to see them online, please contact support and request an update of the language file into the production platform.
  • Please copy any HTML formating (<br><hr><b>&apos; etc) into your language part.
  • Don't use any ampersand(&) or single or double quotes (unless used in the Original English translation)
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