Introduction to Purveyor orders


Besides e-ordering for your Clients, inONE also supports the ordering of a Supplier at a Sourcing supplier (S2S) by creating Purveyor orders. The following introduction explains how the complete workflow of Purveyor ordering, Processing of customers, Importing Product assortments and Packagings slips is being handled by inONE.



⦁    Supplier: is party who is selling products directly to the hospitality (clients).
⦁    Sourcing Supplier: is the partner where the supplier is purchasing products.
⦁    inONE Market: is the platform from where hospitality clients can order.
⦁    Purveyor order: an order being done by the supplier and send to the sourcing supplier.
⦁    Backend software (ERP):  software system that the “Supplier” and “Sourcing supplier” use for to manage assortment, prices, debitors, invoices and more.



How does it work?
Supplier and Sourcing supplier both need to connect their backend software (ERP) to the inONE Platform*. For Example SAP, Navision , Fresh Book ed. This backend software will import and export information (e.g. products, prices, delivery slips, orders) on a daily base.

The inONE system defines 2 types of ordering: Client ordering and Purchase ordering.

Client Ordering
Clients (e.g. Hospitality like Restaurants, Hotels, Care centers) place e-orders via the inONE Market. These orders are processed by inONE and are imported automatically in the backend software (ERP) of the Supplier.

Purchase ordering
The backend software of the supplier sends all purveyor orders (Manual- and E-orders) per client to the inONE platform. These purveyor orders are converted in the “Supplier to Supplier (S2S)“ module and send to the Sourcing Supplier. The sourcing supplier can import these purveyor orders in their backend system*. Also the client debitor numbers can be linked, this is being done by the sourcing supplier. For every new debitor the sourcing supplier needs to enter his own debitor number once. After that the system will recognize succeeding orders automatically.

Export Products and Prices
The assortment and prices per product per client are maintained in the backend software of the supplier. The price and product information is exported to the inONE platform on a daily base.

Import purchase product and Prices
The Sourcing Supplier delivers on a daily base all purchase price- and product information. The Supplier to Supplier module (S2S) will deliver this information to the Supplier. All products are beings exported by product number of the sourcing supplier. The supplier needs to have the product number of the sourcing supplier in his backend system. The backend software of the supplier needs to import this information*.

Processing of packaging slips
The “Sourcing supplier” produces the purveyor order and exports the packing slip per client to the inONE platform. The Supplier to Supplier module (S2S) will convert all purveyor orders and packing slibs and exports a new packaging slip provided with purchase order number to the Supplier. The new packing slip contains the actual prices and –amount per client that will be delivered. These packaging slips can be imported in the ERP of the Supplier and added to the main delivery slip for delivery to Client.  


*inONE will technically support Supplier and Sourcing Supplier by contacting the owners of your backend system, and will supply then with information on how to connect their ERP system with inONE.



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