configuring indicationnumbers

In this article we show you how you can configure indicationnumbers.
They can be used to give the buyer an idea how much they mostly buy.

The following topics are being discussed:

You can change the indicationnumbers at the orderlists

To open the orderlist you need to go to

Log in with your credentials and click on the pencil next to your supplier.


Configuring indicationnumbers

To configure incidationnumbers follow these steps:

  • Click on a category in the total assortment, for instance Lamb

  • Choose the product you want to add to the orderlist
  • Add the number of products that should be the indicationnumber

  • Click on the checkbox next to the product

  • Choose the orderlist that you want to add the product to

The indicationnumber is now configured


Changing indicationnumbers

  • Click on the orderlist containing the product with an indicationnumber

  • Click on the pencil next to the product you want to change.

  • Change to the number you want

  • The indicationnumber is now changed
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