Setting up e-mail confirmation

If you wish to receive email confirmation of orders, you can do this by executing the following steps: 

  • Log in on inONEmarket with your logindetails
  • Go to settings by clicking the gear icon in the right corner of the portal 

  • Click on market 

  • Click on order

  • scroll down to the email confirmation - section

  • Enter email confirmation information

  • Enter/change the sender address if you wish to do so
  • Enter email addresses
  • Deselect the checkbox “Send e-mail confirmation to all e-mail addresses” if you want only 1 person to be selected to receive an email confirmation

Attention, as soon as you press “Save” a confirmation of every! Order will be sent as soon as an order get submitted. If you don’t want to receive an e-mail confirmation of every order, then you can perform the above actions also individually per supplier:

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