Processing purveyor orders


In the purveyor view you can find all the orders that are made for that purveyor. Besides that you can find all the "customerlinks" here. customerlinks are documents where your customernumber and the customernumber of the purveyor are connected. This is needed to import orders.

The purveyor view can be found (depending on your setup or role) under:

  • The portal in the block purveyororders
  • In the portal when you click on go to...

 From the purveyor view you can click "purveyor new-import"or "purveyor new - print"

  • In the view "purveyor new- print" you can find all the orders with unconnected customers
  • In the view "purveyor new - import" you can find all the orders you can correctly proces and import
  • In the view "pending" and "handled" you can find the orders in the different stages of the process

Caution:  When orders are automatically exported to your system you can only find the orders in "purveyor handled"


What to do with an order with caution sign

When you see an exclamation mark after the order it means that there is no customernumber found or the order contains an unknown product.

When the customer is unknown, you see the button, connect this customer. click this button and go to ad1.

Connecting new customers:

How you can connect new customers you can find in this article: New customerlink

Unknown products

When you have unknown products in an order, this can be send in the commentfield.

The productnumber, amount and portion are shown. Make the unknown product where possible and give the correct productnumber to the purveyor.

Wrong orderunits of products

When wrong products or units are being ordered this can be communicated via "email comment to". A standard email will be made which includes customernumber, customername and ordernumber.

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