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To make ordering more interesting for your customers there is the possibility of adding images to your products. This will provide a better overview and will make the ordering of products more attractive.

How to submit images at inONE?

To submit the images, a few steps need to be taken:

  • Be sure to have one or more images of the product/products.
  • At your choice you can edit the images to make them more attractive (For example: by blurring the background of the image). To accomplish this you can, for example make use of Be sure the file type is .jpg or .png.
  • The last step in the process is naming the images.
    This is the format: ProductNumber-Counter_ProductName.jpg
    If you want to have more than one image with a productname for one product. This method in reality will look like this:
    Attention! The product number used in the image file name needs to be available as a product in the online assortment.
  • When the image is ready you can contact inONE to apply for an 'FTP-account'. This account will be created for you by inONE. The account is serverspace linked to your products where you can transfer your images to. So the products will be visisble on the website.
  • Everything is now ready to easily use the special tools: inONE upload file and inONE upload folder. With these tools (which will be provided and installed by inONE) you can upload your images.

The result
Now you have one ore more images attached to your product range. Customers will be able to see what the product look likes. Also it's a way to make purchasing more interesting and in some cases even faster. It can be a boost in the right direction for trying new products.



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