Updating/replacing your browser

In this article we explain how you can update or replace your browser (the program you use to browse the internet)

inONEmarket works best with the most recent browsers:

  • Google Chrome - version 33.0.1750.154 m
  • Mozilla Firefox - version 28 
  • Internet Explorer 11

When you use a outdated version of your internet-browser, we advise you to update the program. You can than use the internet more safely.

When you update your browser favorites and bookmarks will automatically be transferred. When you replace internet explorer with chrome or firefox your bookmarks and favorites can be transferred as well. 

Installationmanual Chrome

1.Click here to go to the downloadpage 

2.Click on the blue button 'Download Chrome'

3.Click the accept button

4.The download has succeeded when you see this screen


Installationmanual Firefox

1.Click here to go to the download-page

2.Click on the green button 'Firefox free download'

3.In a pop-up you will be asked if you want to run the file. Click on 'run', the program will install itself after that.

 4.When the download is successful you can see the following screen 


Updatemanual Internet Explorer

When you use a older operating system, like Windows XP or Windows Vista it is possible that the operating system uses a older version of Internet Explorer (version 6 or 7). If you don't want to use the browsers suggested above (chrome and firefox) you need to update Internet explorer to version 8. You can update Internet Explorer by running Windows Update.

On Windows XP:

Press the start button, click on 'control panel' and enable 'automatic updates'

On Windows Vista:

Press the start button, click on 'control panel', after that click in the section 'security' on 'enable updates' or 'check for updates'

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