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This definition describes the order file format of inONE. This format can be used for orders from inONE (for suppliers) AND orders sent to inONE (being done by buyers) for processing by inONE.

XML Order files (order_date_time.xml)

•    filename of xml order file are ALWAYS unique (Ordername_date_time.xml).
•    All orders files can / will be put on an ftp site supplied by inONE.
•    One file can only contain 1 order.
•    XML orderfile always contains header data (Orderid, deliverydate etc).

Characteristics of the order export file:

=== Orderhead ===
•    Order id: @ optional the unique order id supplied by inONE
•    Order reference: @ optional: an order reference no (supplied by external system)
•    Delivery date: dd-mm-yyyy deliverydate of the order
•    Creation date: dd-mm-yyyy hh-mm-ss  optional creation date of the order
•    Supplier id: @ optiuonal the inONE id of the supplier
•    Supplier name: @ optional the inONE name of the supplier
•    Buyer id: @ optional the inONE id the buyer account
•    Buyer name: @ optional then name of the buyer account
•    Debtorid: @ the debtor-id of the buyer being used by supplier
•    Buyer id_Ext*:@ optional, the external customer no/reference nr which can be used by the backend system of the supplier / buyer
•    Supplier id_Ext*:@ optional, the external supplier id/ reference no which can be used by the backend system of the supplier.
•    Creator: @ optional, the creator of the order
•    Total order price:# 999999.99 optional the total price of the order
•    Remark: @ optional the total remark of the order.
•    emailErrorReport: @ optional email adress for sending error reports in case the order cannot be imported.

* the reference number for buyer and supplier need to be supplied in advance.

=== Orderrow ===
•    Product id: @ the suplier product number.
•    Product name: @ name of the product.
•    Product unit: @ product unit / orderunit**
•    Product portion: # product portion in grams.
•    Quantity: # 00.00 quantity orderred.
•    Product price: # optional 9999.99 price per 1 piece/kg.
•    Product rowprice: # optional 9999.99 total rowprice (price x quantity).
•    Row remark: @ optional row comment per product.

At inONE the following standard order units are possible:
  • Kg
  • Piece
  • Gr/portion (a portion in grams need to be supplied with this unit)
  • Other: piece units like Box, bag, sac, crate etc.

Example of an order file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>




    <creationdate>07-10-2016 10:23:22</creationdate>


    <suppliername>Smit and Dorlas</suppliername>


    <buyername>IND office Zwolle</buyername>



    <remark><![CDATA[please deliver on time]]></remark>



        <productname><![CDATA[Smit and Dorlas Special]]></productname>










        <productname><![CDATA[Steak portioned]]></productname>






        <rowremark><![CDATA[ 3pc vac]]></rowremark>




        <productname><![CDATA[Kaldi Barista Blend 250]]></productname>










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