Export definition packingslip

With the delivery of goods packing slips are created by the supplier. These packing slips can be supplied to you by inONE on a FTP directory.


About the deliveryslip

·         Format of the export / import files is .csv or .xml.

·         Filenames are always unique (packingslipno_Date-Time-Key).

·         If fields are not used by supplier (Like portion, discount etc.) will be left empty.

·         In the Header (PH) all meta information about the packing slip will be stored.

·         In de Packing slip Rows (PL) all product-order information will be stored.

·         In de Packing slip Text Rows (PT) all comments will be stored.


Export method

·         Export will be done by FTP. FTP directory will be hosted by inONE. External FTP is not possible.

Comments about CSV format

·         Seperator will be semicolon (;).

·         Header row will always start with PH as first value.

·         Packing slip row will always start with FL as first value.

Comment about XML format

·         Every label within one packing slip will be unique. E.g. <price_piece></price_piece> en <price_emb><price_emb>

·         All header data will be supplied with an header tag <delivery_header></delivery_header> and all product rows will be preceded with a main row tag <delivery_rows></delivery_rows>.

·         Naming convention can be changed at request

Header items (PH)

Delivery terms:


Deliveryslip Header row identifier


Order Reference no

@ the order number/reference to the order. This will be the inONE orderno

Explicit if reference to the original order is necessary.

Packing slip no Supplier

@ The packing slip number created in the backendsystem of the supplier.

Customer no Supplier

@ The customer number / debitor id from the bakcend system of the supplier.

Customer no Purveyor

@ The customer number supplierd in the orderfiles

Deliverydate ()


Packing slip row items (PL)

Delivery terms:


Packing slip row identifier


Order row no

# if supplied the rownno from the original order

Packing slip no


Product no

@ the product number of the supplier

Order unit



# 9999

Always in gramms

If non weight article then left empty


# 9999,99

Total row price

# 9999,99
If available else empty

Price per piece

# 9999,99
If available else empty

Price unit

@ Kg or Pc
If available else empty

Delivery slip textrow (PT)

Delivery terms:


Text row identifier


Packing slip no


Text/ comments



XML Example


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
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