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inONE uses as much as possible the .xml file format for connecting to its system. (Attention, csv files can still be submitted at inONE, these files will be individually
looked at to see if all necesary information is present in the file. This means that these files will be processed more slowly). There is a certain standardization of the .xml file format wich need to be met, this will be discussed in the following article. Besides that inONE offers you a secure ftp environment ( on which you can place the file formats discussed above. Also the order file will be placed in the ftp environment ( which you can import in your backend system. The export file format of the order will be arranged to your liking (.csv or .xml arrangement to your liking). If desired we can offer you a standardized order file format.

Example files

If you are interested in example files you can download them at the bottom of this article.


The following exports (and import) can be distinguished:
Single export

sub 1. Products (product.xml)There are two types of product items to distinguish in the product file.

    Weight items
    Piece items

Both type of product items have their own units and rules that must be met.

Examples of properties of both product types:
Weight item:

    Price unit always Kg
    Order unit in Kg
    Order unit in Portion with changeable weight
    Order unit Portion with a fixed weight
    Double order unit Kg - Portion item, can be ordered as Kilogram or Portion weight.
    Double order unit Kg - Piece item, can be ordered as Kilogram or Piece
    Order unit Piece with price unit Kg

Piece item:

    Price unit always in Pc
    Outer (crate)
    Amount in outer (24)
    Packing (bottle)
    Packing size (cl)
    Packing unit (33)

How to submit product items
In the image below you can see an example of a Double order unit and a Piece item and its submission. In this particular example the Piece items are "Heineken Bier" and all its possible information qualifications. The first product item is sold per crate the second product item is sold per bottle.

What is being described in the .xml file

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