View FTP files online

In this article we show you how to enter our FTP website in order to view and manage contained files and documents. This way you can check if your software has stored files and documents at this location. E.g.: product files, invoices, prices.  

How to approach the FTP website:

  • Go to
  • Log in using your username and password

1. Go to or 
Make sure you are using "ftp://" instead of "http://". 



2. Enter your username and password as provided by inONE. Contact our Helpdesk if you do not have these.   



Existing folders can be viewed after logging in. Open a folder by clicking it (1). Click (2) to go back to Parent Directory (2). 


Open - or download - files (3) by clicking them. The timestamp shows the last document update (4) and filesize (5).  



PLEASE NOTE: Are the expected files not on this page? Please refresh by pressing Ctrl+F5 as this is not done automatically. 





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