Create/delete your orderlist

In this article we show you how you can manage your orderlists.

The following will be discussed:

To access the orderlist you need to log in to
There you have to click the pencil next to the name of the supplier.

You can find the lists you already made in the navigation-pane on the left and see the number of products in the list behind that. On the top of the navigation-pane you can find the button 'add orderlist'.


Add a orderlist

To add a orderlist you need to follow these steps:

  • Click on 'add orderlist'

  • Enter the name of the orderlistand click add

  • The orderlist is now added


Changing the name of the orderlist:

  • Click on 'add orderlist'

  • Click on the pencil of the name you want to change

  • Enter the desired name for the orderlist.

  • Click 'save'
  • The name of the orderlist is changed 

Delete a orderlist:

  • Click on 'add orderlist'


  • Click on the trashcan next to the list you want to delete

  • Confirm that you want to delete the list

Warning! Once you remove the list you can't undo it

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