Filter order history

In the order history it is possible to use filters, some options are possible. To reach the order history you need to go to tools in the portal. There you can find 'history' in the navigation pane. To filter you need to press the 'filter' button.


The following filters are being discussed:

You can use the filters on date, supplier and location at the same time. Search by order can only be used as a single filter.


Filter on date

To review orders of a certain time period you can put in a from and end date.

Filter on suppliers

To filter orders of one or more suppliers, you open the 'suppliers' box. You can select and deselect suppliers from here.

To (de)select all suppliers you can press the button '(De)select all'

Filter on location

When you manage more than one location you can filter on location.

You can select and deselect the locations and (de)select all locations with the button.

Search by order

Do you want to search for a specific ordernumber you need to put in the exact ordernumber. the result will be shown.

You cannot combine this order with the other filters

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