View item specifications and images

Bent u op zoek naar aanvullende informatie over uw producten? Klik dan op het vraagteken icoontje achter desbetreffend product. 

Looking for additional information about product items? Click the magnifying glass to expand. 
A larger image as well as product specifications are shown in a pop-up window. 

Pop-up with product specs:

  • Item number
  • Item name
  • Product category
  • Unit type
  • Additional product info from supplier

We can only display the information provided to us



Show/hide images: 

Suppliers can show productimages with their products. When you create a new order you can choose to show these. This option is changeable at any time.


  • Log in with your logindetails on
  • Select the supplier at which you want to order
  • Make a new order or continue with your active order
  • Choose the deliverydate
  • Choose extra information: "Yes" or "No" for the display of pictures

  • Market saves your changed settings automatically 



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