Configuration of units and portions

What if you want to order different sized portions from a certain product? For example a 150 gram and a 200 gram steak? In this article we will show you how to change portion weight and how to add these items to your shopping cart.

To change the portionsize follow these steps:

  1. Find and add the item to your shopping cart
  2. View shopping cart
  3. Add an extra product to shopping cart
  4. Fill in desired portion weight and quantity

Step 1: Find and add the item to your shopping cart

Find your item by using the search engine or choose from your favlist. 


Step 2: View shopping cart 

When the desired items are added to your list, click to view what's inside your shopping cart.

Step 3: Add an extra product to shopping cart

First find the product of choice by typing in productname or number in the search field. Then select unit type: choose kg or portion weight and fill out the desired portion size.

Click add.

Repeat this step as often as required.

Step 4: Review your shopping cart

The extra items are now added to your shopping cart. Please note that prices are not updated in the list, check your invoice to see the actual costs.

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