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What is Store?

inONE strives to ensure that you can manage all your suppliers in one place. So you can place your orders in one central place. This is not only for the suppliers connected to inONE but also for the 'non-inONE' suppliers.

With the Store you can create and manage all your suppliers to order with the inONE system. How you create and manage those suppliers will be explained in the following article.

How to apply?

Do you want to start making use of the Store? Please contact the inONE Helpdesk

Phone: +31 71 512 05 91 or e-mail:

Attention! When you want to add new suppliers, you need to contact the inONE Helpdesk, the suppliers will then be added by inONE.


Table of contents

  • Things to consider when preparing the csv / xls file
  • Explanation of the columns in standard format
  • Things to consider
  • Example file


Things to consider when preparing the csv / xls file

The csv/xls file will be automatically processed

  • Product numbers need to be uniqueThe following characters are allowed in a product number: 0 to 9 A to Z and _
  • Attention! Characters like .,- etc are not allowed in a product number.
  • Empty rows are not allowed in the file.
  • All fields need to be filled
  • The price is always numerical

You have been provided with a product file (Template) for the Store by inONE. This template is divided in ten columns. You can fill out these columns with your own 'non-inONE' suppliers.

Explanation of the columns with a standard mapping

  • Column 1 is the (Technical) name of the supplier, enter once and do not change afterwards.
  • Column 2 shows the internal product number this needs to be a unique number. Increase the number with one when new products are added. This number will be used for ordering, changing orderlists and Analyses. Do not change number (required field).
  • Column 3 shows the product number your supplier uses, changing is possible.
  • Column 4 shows the categorization of products. With new products you will be able to choose from existing categories (Do you have a new category? Consult inONE and we will add the new category)(required field).
  • Column 5 shows the product name. You can change this. Attention, do not put in an entire new product this affects your analyses (required field).
  • Column 6 shows the packaging amount this needs to be a numeric value (required field).
  • Column 7 shows the volume of one basic unit this needs to be a numeric value (required field).
  • Column 8* shows the basic unit expressed in KG or GR or L or ML or PC (Attention no other options available)(required field)
  • Column 9 shows the basic unit.
  • Column 10 shows the unit price (point out if the unit price is per kg or piece)
  • Column 11 shows the price this needs to be a numeric value (00,00) and is always editable.
  • Column 12 shows if the products need to be shown in the system (And therefore can be ordered) fill out 1 for active and 0 for inactive (required field).
  • Column 13 shows if the product is a ordering product which can't be supplied directly. Fill in a number from 1 to 10 that shows the delivery days.

If desired extra columns (in consultation with inONE) can be added to the XLS file. For example: Delivery days/ ordering product 2nd/3d/ pricelist, VAT percentage, active / inactive.

Things to consider

  • Save the file as XLS (not XLSX).
  • Do not add empty rows in the file (after 5 empty rows the import stops and rows below won't be imported).
  • Do not add formulas in the columns.
  • Do not hide productrows.
  • Everywhere it says "Field required" enter a shown value.
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